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Music and Life Part 2

Steve Lee and James Beach discuss the music that moves us, and a little bit of why.

Starting with the Portugese folk tradition “Foda”. Moving from there to the group that is somehow classic rock, prog rock and early Christian rock, Kansas. Then the Police, Synchronicity, my music vs. Autechre, …read more


Music and Life, Part 1

Wherein Steve Lee and I talk about the music that’s informed our lives, starting with the Portugese folk genre “Foda”, and progressing from there to classic rock and the odd phenomenon of “Synchronicity” by the Police – a weird example of intellectually progressive pop. …read more


Interview with Corey Holden of Aether Brigade, part 2

Interview with leader of the Aether Brigade steampunk comedy troupe, part 2. This interview is with Corey entirely in character, as Captain Lucky, the perpetually drunken boozehound captain of the time ship Simultaneous. We invite him and his crew to consider dealing with a couple of our 20th-century problems …read more


Interview with Corey Holden of Aether Brigade, Part 1

Interview with Corey Holden, leader of the Aether Brigade steampunk comedy troupe, part 1. Topics include a brief introduction to steampunk, the etymology of the word steampunk, life in Honk Kong and the Chinese term for honky, “gwylo”. …read more


EOA – 1-21-14 – Jovelyn Richards, star of stage and standup

A wide-raning discussion with the lovely and talented Jovelyn Richards. We start with a black Republican who called for Obama’s hanging (this happened!!), then a whiplash-inducing segue into dating and deal-breakers, going from there to the difference in people’s voices, then how people get to know each other, to conclude …read more


A Brave New Imperial Year

Topics discussed include:
Justin Bieber, his Thug Life, and egging. Magic Tragic Johnson and health care. Michelle Obama and Botox. Japanese workplace porn. US vs. Chinese propaganda. And Imperial solutions to (almost) all of the problems above. …read more


Interview with Cristina Luisa, of “Chronicles of a Travel Addict”

The lovely and talented Cristina Luisa was kind enough to grace us with her presence, and also to not flee when we immediately started discussing serial killers.




Interview with star of stage and standup Jovelyn Richards

We had the chance to meet and discuss many matters with the lovely Jovelyn Richards, an international performer of many talents.



“Gravity” reviewed from inside a car




A two-part interview and discussion with Yaron Glazer, the author of the upcoming interactive novel “Statisticity”

Part 1:

Part 2: