James Beach

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Lessons Learned

Book Cover: Lessons Learned
Part of the One Shot Works series:

It's bad enough to wake up with some kind of monster trying to invade your brain. But then your parents make you go to school. Where the monsters have already taken over.



Book Cover: Underclass
Part of the One Shot Works series:

To combat income inequality, the AIs took away everything George had built. All he had now was a plan: to take it back and bring them down.


Hyperspace Radio

Book Cover: Hyperspace Radio
Part of the One Shot Works series:
Part of the Short Story Collections series:
  • Hyperspace Radio

A young boy comes to terms with his father's undead lifestyle. A caveman faces failure at the world's first art show. A thief runs afoul of a pusher who sells death. God goes to therapy and receives a diagnosis. A tech entrepreneur creates an Internet startup based on a genie's lamp. An office worker meets a demon couple who prefer their world to his.

These tales and more brought to you from dimensions both strange and familiar, at the speed of imagination.