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Where my tunes are

Here I’ve posted a best-of with all my favorites of my own songs, for your perusal.


I’ll probably update this further, with a nice separate album and track listing. 101 things at a time. Until then, here is my favorite of my more recent compositions:


And a nice oldie:



Protected: Technical Writing Resume

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About my technical writing

I have worked in the information technology field for such diverse clients as Sony, Microsoft, DreamWorks Animation, NBC, Fox, MySpace, John Wiley & Sons, Nature, MetLife, and American Express. I have also worked for numerous startups and special clients.

My goal is to make information work for the people who need it.

In service of that goal, I have:

  • created and organized the flow of information within companies
  • created and edited user manuals, style guides, embedded and contextual help
  • worked with project management and localization,
  • created, implemented and edited user interface designs and elements, usability scenarios and UI text

… as well as created and managed software requirements, API documentation, process flows, live documentation, bug reports, test cases and many similar aspects of documentation involving software and hardware development and production.

I’m also experienced in the architecture, design, production and management of websites, and I’m a certified Agile Scrum Master.



The best music is performed. I’ve been fortunate enough to be present to some great performances, and enthralled enough to bring a camera with me.

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Here is some of my favorite self-created sort-of-abstract art: Fractals. Many were made with Fractint, and other were made with Apophysis, Fractal Domains, and iFractal while at work and engaged in excremeditation (i.e. a visit to the Little Artist’s Room).

I’ve also made the background for this website, which I think has worked out alright.

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The beauty of the world surrounds us. Sometimes we even get to make images of that beauty, and engrave it on our thoughts.

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People have the greatest of all beauty.

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Collected Videos

Here’s a group of my videos that I’ve posted to “Funny Or Die”.



My Undead Dad

I proudly present my eBook “My Undead Dad”, with great cover art by Rachel Whalon. Its available for the unbeatable price of Free(!) at Smashwords.com .

As the Village Voice once said, the price is 50 barrels of nothing. But you can keep the barrels.

My Undead Dad

Also available on Smashwords here:






Sequester Madness

The short of it: The ‘sequester’ is a bunch of automatic cuts that were put in place *by Congress* to force Congress to get its act together and actually reduce the national debt. The sequester was designed to inflict great pain on both parties – which is a bit unfair, because the GOP was refusing to work with the Democrats (even famously declaring that their number one goal was not to help Americans, but keep Obama from being re-elected). But in any case, the sequester is what Congress agreed to.

The result: the GOP-controlled Congress is refusing to actually work, so these damaging cuts may happen. More specifically, the cuts to Social Security and Medicare means that the old and the infirm will *suffer* because of Congress’ inability to get its act together. In addition the cuts overall will in great likelihood harm our current economic recovery.

The absurdity: that this is somehow Obama’s fault. But, watch the GOP try to blame the sequester *they agreed to*, and their inability to act and avoid it, on Satan Hussein Obama X and some sort of mind control ray.

Let’s all strap ourselves in.