James Beach

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Virus Vitae

Virus Vitae

Words spread from head to head
and feed us well,
we swell
With their importance bred.

We see are the dreams and feel the schemes
pour forth from open
hope and
Like to think we know what we mean

But the ideas live beyond us
And we live mostly for their tiny screams
they’re dreams
Only to be heard, only through us

Like our own souls birthed into flesh masks
nurtured by this universe
to dance and live and make it mean anything,

The thought shapes appear into our minds
struggling to shuck off the afterbirth
of old ideas,
yearning to motivate us, give us their power,
turn our wheels

And then they spread
from head to head
a bit of song, a pun once said,
living lives in our brain forests
giving hopeful milk to unknown fertile dark
we sit, drink, dance, sing, read, but above all
yearn for more juices to digest

As they trade us themselves
for the time we think about them,
so for that brief time
in us they live.

show us wonders and convince us to tell others
to be milked again,
and be changed by someone else’s fertile minds,
to someone else’s head.