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“Two- Fisted Jesus Tales, Book1” – It is accomplished!

After much tribulation, my satire and adventure novel is complete and published!

Check it out here:


Many thanks to all who supported me in this adventure.

A truly magnificent cover.


Two-Fisted Jesus Tales, Book 1: The Book of the Job

After training in secret waiting for the sign, this novel is almost ready to release upon the world!

I.e., pre-orders will be available soon. If you want to make sure you’re notified, join my mailing list below. These email addresses will never be shared with any third party, and will only be for letting you know about this or other works of mine you might care about.


I thank you!


~j : )



The Hollyweird Show!

From a pilot made by myself and Craig Cartwright, comes this story ripped straight from the headlines of another dimension.

Well, if that other dimension consisted of rejected cartoon characters who wrote their own headlines.

It was great fun to write, let me tell you. : )



“Peas in a Pod” joins the Canon!

So happy and glad to finish this and post this.

I will now continue to finish post my works, the rest of this year and beyond.




My Undead Dad

I proudly present my eBook “My Undead Dad”, with great cover art by Rachel Whalon. Its available for the unbeatable price of Free(!) at Smashwords.com .

As the Village Voice once said, the price is 50 barrels of nothing. But you can keep the barrels.

My Undead Dad

Also available on Smashwords here: