It’s My Island (with Erin Chambers)

are you listening?
I hear you’re planning to come to california
you can visit my island
if you abide by a few simple rules.

1) you can not be camera shy
2) you must like juice
4) you must let go of any preconceived concretized notions of how we do
things out here
z) you must be willing to get wet

when you arrive you must do the following:
float your chest cavity along the water until it feels hollowed out clean
and ready to fill with sensation
eat raw avocados sprinkled with nutritional yeast and call them french
wrinkle your nose and sneeze out the east coast
gulp down the vast Coriolis-swirled martini that should be awaiting you
frond the milkdrop and make it coo
take a nighttime flying journey over this city in a clawfoot tub
blink in the spun sugar which melts on your eyelashes or sparkles on a
chilly day
and let it color your steps sublime
while our boots cement my deja vu to the sidewalk.

easy, huh?

Response to Proposed East Coast Deprogramming:

test subject ‘James’, a known liberal, agrees with the following conditions:

loopy tai chi- style hippie techno dancing
momentary disorientation may occur while subject undergoes his aura graft
subject J may retain a preconceived notion that Californians dislike
preconceived notions

Subject admits to liking Juice more than that sugary carbonated cancer
is quite willing and able to kiss the ocean,
Floating in clawfoot bathtubs is nice,
J also likes velvet-coated dragons with good stereo systems.
Deja voodoo is also a good option.

However, any glass of port in a storm.

Lets move forward with this on the same page, there’s no “fuckin’ A” in team.

Smog-enshrouded future slate